Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Carroll Students Proficiency Impresses Judges

Two Carroll ISD students were recently honored for their proficiency in the Chinese language. Junior Neha Jain and Senior Drew Korschun placed in the North Texas China Bridge Chinese Proficiency Speech Contest. A panel of judges listens to contestants provide a two minute speech in Chinese, accurately answer three cultural and language questions in Chinese and perform a three minute talent act.

Jain won first place in the competition and Korschun took home third place. A first place win confirmed Neha’s advancement to the next round of the competition scheduled for this month in Houston. Judges told Carroll ISD Mandarin Chinese Teacher Yuhsin Lee, they were so impressed with Korschun’s performance that they agreed to advance the student to the Houston competition as well.

Both students received special recognition and were interviewed by the Dean of Confucius Institute at University of Texas at Dallas and by the university’s broadcasting station. Lee said the win was a great achievement by Carroll students.

China Bridge is a Chinese government organization whose mission is to promote cultural exchange and friendship between U.S. and China.