Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dragon Academics Claim District Title

The Carroll ISD Academic Team claimed this year’s district championship. The UIL Academic District Meet was held last week. The following students helped the Dragons finish with 396 points to move past Keller and into first place.

  • Accounting – 6th Krishna Paranandi and ; 2nd place team
  • Current Issue and Events – 1st – Colin Kantor; 6th Krishna Paranandi; 2nd place team
  • Computer Science – 1st – Conner Mitchell; 2nd Brian Burgeron; 3rd Luke Klopchic; 6th Josh Dunn; 1st place team
  • Editorial Writing – 1st – Savy Miller; 3rd Kate DeBusk
  • Feature Writing – 4th –Savy Miller
  • Headline Writing 2nd – Savy Miller; 3rd Amber Cline; 5th– Julie Goodrich
  • Informative Speaking -1st – Paul Samuel; 2nd Tim Dominguez; 3rd Nathan Pisik
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 1st Arvind Venkataraman; 2nd Bonnie Song; 3rd Anthony Munson
  • Literary Criticism – 1st Betsy Helm
  • News Writing – 5th Julie Goodrich
  • Persuasive Speaking – 2nd Arvind Venkataraman; 3rd Nick Lowrimore ; 4th Ali Prasla
  • Poetry Interpretation – 6th Sean Armas
  • Ready Writing – 1st Betsy Helm; 3rd Sarah Shaffer
  • Science – 1st place – Patrick Liu – 2nd place team
  • Social Studies – 2nd Eunice Lee; 4th Drew Korschun; 6th Michael Nedrow; 1st place team
  • Spelling and Vocabulary – 1st Drew Korschun; Mini Bhattiacharya; 6th Colin Kantor; 1st place team
  • Speech – 1st place team
  • Journalism – 2nd place team

Keller came in second with 250 points and Coppell finished third with 250 points. Regionals will be on April 20-21 in Lubbock.