Friday, December 2, 2022

Success Triggers Latin Club Growth

The Carroll Dragons Latin Club brought home top honors from at the Texas State Junior Classical League Convention recently. Club sponsor Terra Windham says participation and success within the club grows every year. Students also volunteered to take the National Latin Exam which tests knowledge of Latin grammar and reading comprehension along with derivatives, mythology, history, and common Latin mottoes, quotes, and abbreviations.  The exam is taken by over 148,000 students from all 50 states and 13 foreign countries.

National Latin Exam

  • Gold Medal – Colton Williams, Harry Chapman
  • Silver Medal – Regan Talley, Nicholas Booth, James Harvey
  • Magna cum Laude – Helen Bae, Story Zanetti, Anthony Nel, Fatima Zuberi
  • Cum Laude – Michael Tice 

22 students attended the Texas Junior Classical League convention in San Antonio.  Last year, Carroll ISD’s Patrick Liu, was elected First Vice President of the TSJCL.  Over the past year, Patrick has traveled around the state to attend three weekend board meetings for planning the convention.  It was his job to ensure the smooth running of the academic contests and procure all the trophies and ribbons for the awards ceremony.

The Latin Club also took home the following awards from the 2012 TSJCL State Convention:

  • Colin Kantor – 1st Ancient Geography and Monuments, 7th Roman History
  • Regan Talley – 2nd Reading Comprehension
  • Dakota Pekerti – 3rd Mythology
  • Megan Fulmer – 3rd Greek History
  • Anjali Pullarkat – 6th Reading Comprehension
  • Cindi Kepic – 10th Sight Recitation
  • Catie Hendrickson – 10th Latin Literature
  • James Harvey – 10th Latin Oratory
  • Patrick Liu – 10th Decathlon

Pentathlon Awards(Test of Latin language skills in addition to Roman mythology, culture, and history):

  • Summa cun Laude- Colin Kantor, Regan Talley
  • Maxima cum Laude- Patrick Liu, Dakota Pekerti, Cindi Kepic, Story Zanetti, Anjali Pullarkat, Jack Minahan, Cole Williams
  • Magna cum Laude- Emily Asbury, Helen Bae, Jeff Imam, Micaela Lumpkins, Mitchell Spradlin
  • Cum Laude- Catie Hendrickson, Trixy Cao, Megan Fulmer, James Harvey, Skye Pekerti, Stephanie Park, Haley McFadden