Sunday, January 17, 2021

Construction Update: Kimball Ave.; Southlake Boulevard Improvements

FM1709 Improvements

  • Median construction along Southlake Boulevard is complete.
  • Deceleration lane construction is underway at several locations. At Foxborough Drive, the contractor for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is extending the box culverts, and will construct the asphalt turn lane with a curb and gutter culvert extension, sidewalks, deceleration lanes, underdrains, asphalt, curbs and gutters.
  • With the help of Southlake’s Police Department, TxDOT’s contractor transferred power to the new signal pole at Waterford Drive/Southridge Lakes Blvd. during the last week of March. They will demolish the existing drill shaft and control pad, construct the turn lane with curb and gutter, and complete the retaining wall at the intersection.
  • Verizon’s relocation of utilities at Miron Drive is now complete and the contractor is able to move forward with the construction of the deceleration lane this week.  They will begin construction of the asphalt turn lane with curb and gutter and reconstruct Miron Drive (half at a time), and complete the necessary retaining walls at the intersection to complete the project.
  • With Verizon’s completion of their work along Southlake Blvd. at Westwood Drive, the contractor has begun excavation for the deceleration lane this week.  They will construct the asphalt turn lane with curb and gutter, and complete retaining wall at the intersection.
  • At Diamond Blvd., Verizon vaults need to be relocated as staff works with TxDOT on a re-design of the sidewalk and ramps. Once TxDOT approves the design, the contractor will relocate the existing traffic signal, install storm drains, construct curb and gutter, sidewalks, and retaining walls to complete the project.

Kimball Avenue Construction

  • The northbound lanes of Kimball Avenue have been paved up to Patterson Way.  The contractor will continue to pave the leave-outs and driveways, as well as construct the median noses.  Sidewalks, irrigation, lighting and median landscaping will continue from SH114 up to Patterson Way.  Staff will continue to negotiate with property owners on right of way and easements until condemnation proceedings begin.  Once we close with the property owners, Atmos will relocate their gas main and Phase 2 of Kimball Avenue can proceed to Dove Road.  Oncor continues to work at Kimball Avenue and Dove Road to relocate their poles and transfer service so that Charter can relocate their lines and the old poles can be removed.

If you have any questions please contact Public Works at (817) 748-8098.