Friday, October 23, 2020

Dawson Art Students Sweep Contest

The Dawson Middle School art students recently competed in the Junior Visual Arts Scholastic Event (jr VASE). The competition was held on Saturday, April 21 at Hillwood Middle School in Keller. 450 art students from across Region XI participated.

All DMS art students received at least one IV (superior) rating. In total, Dawson students were awarded 17 metals for superior ratings. Winners are listed below:

  • Christie Ballew (2 IVs)
  • Amanda Beeck (IV)
  • Grace Coffee (IV)
  • Josh Helm (IV)
  • Soumya Kovela (IV and III)
  • J C Patino (IV)
  • Mo Gyeong Seong (IV)
  • Won Gyeong Seong (IV)
  • Ashley Van Eyk (IV)
  • Cameron  Wang (2 IVs)
  • Niki  Wichman (IV)
  • Megan Yao (2 IVs)
  • Stacey Young (2 IVs)

The Jr VASE program is the only art event of its kind in the nation. Students are provided the opportunity to bring artworks created in their art classes to a regional event where they are interviewed by a certified juror who evaluates their work based on a standard based rubric and their understanding of the art processes involved in the development of their artwork.

The jurors look for originally of concept, technical expertise, understanding of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and the interpretation of the student’s stated intent. The jurors evaluate the art using the following standard:

  • Rating 4 Superior
  • Rating 3 Excellent
  • Rating 2 Average
  • Rating 1 Below Average

Medals are awarded to those students receiving a superior (Rating 4) rating in each division at the regional event. These students’ artwork was also featured at the CISD K-12 Art Show during the 2012 Art in the Square event in Southlake Town Square.