Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tree-mendous Grant for Carroll ISD Campuses

Bob Jones Nature Center, Southlake

Jack D. Johnson, Old Union and Rockenbaugh Elementary schools will be given trees to plant as part of a nationwide network of Gardens supported by the USDA People’s Garden Initiative. The Bob Jones Nature Center announced Thursday, May 17 that they received a $2,460 grant from a national nonprofit Alliance for Community Trees.

Johnson Elementary School

The selected schools house kindergarten through fourth grade. With this hands-on experience, students will recognize the basic needs for plant growth and environmental factors that affect plant growth.

Rockenbaugh Elementary School

This year, the Alliance for Community Trees launched the “People’s Garden Plant Program” initiative.  The program aims to explore and deepen the connection between trees and urban agriculture. ACTrees has provided funding to 30 communities in 21 states to plant trees in community gardens that produce shade or produce fruit and nuts.

Old Union Elementary School

ACTrees Executive Director Carrie Gallagher says trees are a very important component to healthy people as well as healthy communities.

“We are excited to offer this opportunity to the Bob Jones Nature Center and the three schools to demonstrate locally that trees are in integral part of sustainable community agriculture,” said Gallagher.

Each school will receive trees to plant that add a shade component to their gardens. The planting event is planned for October 2012.