Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dragon Performers Receive Gold at State Contest

Memorial weekend 2012 produced a successful trip for Dragon band students participating in the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest in Austin. Performances were hosted at the University of Texas at Austin May 26-28. 162 band, choir and orchestra students from Carroll ISD performed both solos and ensembles judged by college music professors from across the state. 39 students received a Division 1 Superior Ratings and 110 students received Division 2 Excellent Ratings. Gold medals were awarded to all division 1 recipients and silver medals were awarded to division 2 soloists. Teachers say they are very proud of all participants for their months of preparation and performances at the state level.

Division 1 (Gold Medalists)

  • Helen Bae, Flute Solo
  • Connor Lane, Flute Solo
  • Holly Rosenberg, Flute Solo
  • Mollie Danel, Flute Solo
  • Neha Jain, Flute Solo
  • Eunice Lee, Oboe Solo
  • Jeff Imam, Oboe Solo
  • Colin Hilliard, Bassoon Solo
  • Ryan Adler, Saxophone Solo
  • Zach Loucks, Saxophone Solo
  • Zachary Susskind, Saxophone Solo
  • Shannon Spark, French Horn Solo
  • Christopher Cunningham, Trombone Solo
  • Nick Booth, Trombone Solo
  • Cameron Foster, Snare Drum Solo
  • Cameron Li, Snare Drum Solo
  • Chontresse Megwa, Kelsie Harshaw, and Marilee Yeager, Flute Trio
  • Shelby Brown, Neha Jain, and Mollie Danel, Flute Trio
  • Mason Hunter, Michael Leung, Dan Rockey, and Nathan Zaremba, Saxophone Quartet
  • Blaire Sanders, Girl’s Voice
  • Danielle Rodriguez, Girl’s Voice
  • Kelsey Olohan, Girl’s Voice
  • Melissa Manila, Girl’s Voice
  • Nichole Choate, Girl’s Voice
  • Blaire Sanders, Carson Henderson, Devin Berg, Kelsey Bronson, Landry Mead, Nicole Choate, Taylor White, and Trevor Slack: Madrigal

Division 2 (Silver Medalists)

  • Chontresse Megwa, Flute Solo
  • Hannah Bronson, Flute Solo
  • Marilee Yeager, Flute Solo
  • Shelby Brown, Flute Solo
  • Julianna West, Clarinet Solo
  • Tanner Deters, Saxophone Solo
  • Kelsey Bronson, Trumpet Solo
  • Pete Thayer, Trumpet Solo
  • Reid Appleby, Trumpet Solo
  • Jarod Chaney, French Horn Solo
  • Lexie Hassien, French Horn Solo
  • Vinay Soni, French Horn Solo
  • Andrew Jensen, Trombone Solo
  • Jared Neeley, Trombone Solo
  • Aaron Li, Snare Drum Solo
  • Parker Wagner, Snare Drum Solo
  • Ryan Fields, Snare Drum Solo
  • Adam Bautista, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Andrew Baker, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Ashley Vu, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Casey Brennan, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Cole Smith, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Heather Swienton, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Joshua Choe, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Josiah Choe, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Kevin Shurtz, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Kyle McKelvey, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Ray Teer, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Sarah Westerman, Keyboard Percussion Solo
  • Brielle Johnson, Girl’s Voice
  • Devin Berg, Girl’s Voice
  • Kaelyne Yumul, Girl’s Voice
  • Kelsey Bronson, Girl’s Voice
  • Keylyn Buckley, Girl’s Voice
  • Sara Schellenberger, Girl’s Voice
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