Monday, October 26, 2020

Water Consumption Peaks – Twice a week watering could become mandatory

All week long, the City of Southlake has been experiencing very high temperatures with little to no rain.  Much like last summer (2011), the conditions have helped to establish a pattern of high water use by residents and businesses.

“For the second time in seven days, the City could go into Stage 1 restrictions which could make twice a week watering mandatory,” said Bob Price, Public Works Director.  “Users are consuming a lot of water and it is stressing the system.”

On Monday, July 22, Southlake residents and businesses received a phone call at about 4:30 PM asking them to reduce water consumption.   If on Tuesday, the 23rd, the City had experienced a third day of reduced capacity in the elevated storage tanks (below 18 foot in all three tanks), Stage 1 restrictions would have become mandatory.

“The high temperatures and lack of rain is the main issue,” said Price.  “At times, we are supplying water to homes and businesses as fast as we can pump it in from our supplier the City of Fort Worth.”

The chart below shows the level of consumption in 2009, 2011, the years the City went into Stage 1 restrictions, and this year.  It also illustrates the level of rain fall.

The minimum storage tank levels for implementing any stage of water restrictions are based on the anticipated need of fighting a large fire for a period of one hour. According to Southlake Fire Services, a large fire can require the use of 500 to 2000 gallons of water per minute.

“When you consider that putting out a fire can use up so much water, so quickly, we have to be extra diligent during these high consumption periods,” said Price.

“The City is doing all that we can keep up with community demands, said Price.  “Whether we move into Stage I next week is up to water customers.  In order to make it through this hot dry period, we need all of our customers to follow a twice a week watering schedule.”

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