Friday, October 23, 2020

Contractor to Fix Faulty Asphalt on Southlake Boulevard

The asphalt found in four deceleration lanes of Southlake Boulevard: Foxborough Lane,  Diamond Boulevard, Westwood Drive and Miron Drive will have to be milled and repaved starting today (7/25) after tests proved the asphalt did not meet TxDOT standards.  The deceleration lanes as well as the travel lanes right next to them will be closed in order to make repairs.

TxDOT requires the contractor to test the asphalt that they apply.  The test results for these areas indicated that the asphalt failed two of three tests.  Per the contract with TxDOT,  the contractor is required to replace the asphalt to ensure the longevity of the roadway.

The repairs are expected to be complete by the beginning of next week.  Drivers are asked to slow down in the affected areas.