Monday, October 26, 2020

Water Conservation – Twice A Week A Permanent Solution?

Early last week, Southlake initiated Stage 1 watering restrictions after several weeks of high consumption coupled with high temperatures.

While there’s no word on when Stage 1 will be lifted, the City has some advice for home and business owners: stay with the twice a week watering schedule year round.

“We advise users to set their irrigation system for twice a week watering according to your address and then forget it,” said Christi Upton, Southlake’s Environmental coordinator.  “Not only does your landscaping adapt to an established pattern, but if the City ever enters Stage 1 restrictions, there’s no adjustment required, by the landscaping or the homeowner/business owner.”

The twice a week watering schedule also helps the system replenish in times of need, especially when the weather is hot and rainfall is minimal.

“We see a noticeable decrease in irrigation consumption, even in the summer time, when it rains and the temperatures go down,” said Price.   “But for the past two summers, the drought and a lack of rain have led to higher consumption rates because that it what we all think is needed to keep the landscaping and lawns alive.”

Upton and other City staff members have been working with homeowners one on one to help them conserve.  She says each encounter helps.

“We have worked with high volume users, to show them how to save and not overwater,” said Upton.  “Now if we could combine that with twice a week watering from everyone, I believe we could utilize our resources more efficiently.”

To learn more about Stage 1 restrictions, water conservation, and exemptions please visit