Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Winds and Construction Cause Increase in Airport Noise Over Southlake

UPDATE: 8/31/2012 – DFW Airport has indicated the south winds will continue at least through today (8/31).  Southlake residents may continue to notice increased departure noise (as planes depart to the north) until the departures return to normal south-flow operations.

DFW Airport has notified the City of Southlake that citizens may experience increased flight noise over the City during the week of August 27th.

North winds and runway construction are resulting in increased use of the airport’s diagonal runways for both takeoffs and landings.  Under typical conditions, the diagonal runways are used for landings only and the increased noise level is primarily due to the increase in flight departures over Southlake.

According to the airport, south winds are expected Friday, August 31st,  returning the airport to the normal south flow operations.  This will decrease the use of the diagonal runways and limit the flight noise experienced by Southlake residents.

Residents with specific questions are asked to call the Airport’s Noise Hotline at 972-973-3192.