Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Another Successful Fun Run for CES

On Friday, Nov. 9, Carroll Elementary students, teachers and parents gathered at Koalty Park to participate in a PTO sponsored Boosterthon Fun Run. The students had a great time running, skipping, and dancing around the track while singing to their favorite songs. The cool weather, the loud parents’ cheering and the fun music had helped many students reached their goals of 35 laps.

Boosterthon is a fitness based non-product fundraiser that emphasizes character, fitness and education. Each class formed its own team and competed against others for fun prizes. The students raised money by asking for pledges from their parents, relatives and friends. There were pledges from 45 states and 11 countries.

It was another successful fundraising event for CES. The money raised will go toward a beautiful mural for the library, upgrading technology, and enhancing classroom tools. Most importantly, the values of  teamwork, character and fitness were emphasized and practiced by all CES students.