Saturday, January 16, 2021

Holiday Safety Initiative

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching and the Southlake Police Department is already hard at work making sure everyone has a safe shopping experience. Residents and visitors will notice a stepped up police presence at shopping centers throughout the City of Southlake. The annual Holiday Safety Initiative includes additional officers on traffic and bike patrol as well as our volunteer group, Citizens on Patrol.

The department would also like to remind everyone to follow the HIDE, LOCK, TAKE guidelines. It’s simple. HIDE your valuables, LOCK your car and TAKE your keys.  The holiday season is one of the peak times for crime especially for vehicle break-ins. Police Chief Stephen Mylett says, “It only takes a matter of seconds for thieves to break into your car and take off with the items that you have just purchased.”

Burglars and thieves are always on the lookout for items to steal even if your car is locked.  That’s why it’s so important to help shoppers become less of a target by asking them to follow the simple HIDE, LOCK, TAKE guidelines. With your help, we will be able to cut down on the “Grinch’s who want to try to steal your Christmas!”

As part of our Holiday Safety Initiative, our Citizens on Patrol (COP’s) volunteers will also be keeping a watchful eye for would-be thieves. And who better to help remind shoppers to protect themselves than “The Grinch” himself.  The Grinch will be decked out in full costume greeting shoppers at Southlake Town Square and handing out public safety reminders.

Southlake businesses are also encouraged to post Hide, Lock, Take signs around parking lots and entrances to their places of business. The signs will serve as an added reminder for shoppers who might be in a hurry and forget to protect the valuables inside their vehicle.

The Southlake Police Department wants to remind everyone that traffic will be heavy during the holiday season so be prepared to arrive early and drive courteously. We also want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!