Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Dragons Decorate All-District 4-5A Tennis Awards

The following is a list of the All-District 4-5A awards for the district champion Carroll Dragons…

Collin Alexander/John Wooldrdige Boys 1 Doubles 1st Team
Jack Learmonth/Eshan Dave Boys 2 Doubles 1st Team
Connor McDaniel/Todd Danner Boys 3 Doubles 1st Team
Eshan Dave Boys 1 Singles 1st Team
Jack Learmonth Boys 2 Singles 1st Team
John Wooldridge Boys 3 Singles co/1st Team
Collin Alexander Boys 3 Singles co/1st Team
Connor McDaniel Boys 4 Singles 1st Team
Matt Landers Boys 5 Singles 1st Team
Greg Barlow Boys 6 Singles 1st Team
Kelley Anderson/Alexis Bowen Girls 1 Doubles 1st Team
Brittaney McCasin/Meredith Hope Girls 2 Doubles 1st Team
Lauren Ryniak/Angela Schoenhals Girls 3 Doubles 1st Team
Alexis Bowen Girls 1 Singles 2nd Team
Lauren Ryniak Girls 3 Singles 1st Team
Matt Landers/Elise Landers Mixed 1st Team
Eshan Dave Boys MVP
Alexis Bowen Newcomer of the Year
Elise Landers Girl Sportsmanship of the Year
Matt Landers Boy Sportsmanship of the Year