Monday, October 26, 2020

"Seniors Support Southlake" by Shopping Locally

If Southlake merchants and service providers are seeing more senior adults in their businesses, it may be because of a program at the Southlake Senior Center. Since July, “Seniors Support Southlake” has been encouraging its older adults to shop locally and demonstrate the economic contribution senior adults make to the local community.

For each receipt the seniors produce, they earn a ticket for a monthly drawing with prizes that generate more business for Southlake stores and restaurants. Winners may choose from prizes such as; a month of fresh flowers that the Senior Center purchases from Central Market, dinner for eight prepared from food purchased at Walmart’s Market or car detailing at the Speedy Bee. Other prizes are gift baskets or gift cards from Southlake establishments, even having a chauffeur for the day…with gasoline purchased, of course, from a Southlake station.

By the end of November, more than 1,800 receipts had been turned in. And December, the final month of the program, will encompass holiday shopping with the expectation of continuing that momentum.

With the Southlake Senior Center drawing older adults from not only Southlake but also surrounding communities, Southlake businesses benefit even more. The Southlake Senior Center is proud to support the Southlake Community!

For more information about the Southlake Senior Center or the Seniors Support Southlake Program, please contact (817) 748-8398.