Sunday, October 25, 2020

Stage 1 Water Restrictions Postponed For Now

The Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) had originally informed the City of Southlake that due to the dry weather conditions in the North Texas Region, residents in the area may again face Stage 1 water restrictions in early 2013 (View Previous Story).  However, due to the recent rains and the dramatic decline in water demands, Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) no longer anticipates reaching the Stage 1Water Restriction level this January.

When the area reservoir declines to 75% capacity, Stage 1 restrictions are triggered. Based on the latest weather information and predictions of more rainfall next week,  there is a high probability that area lakes will maintain their current storage level of 77% (with the possibility of a slight increase) for the duration of the month. TRWD is therefore revising the current drought outlook and extending the time frame for reaching the Stage 1 Restriction conditions another 6-8 weeks.

The attached picture projects reservoir storage based on four scenarios:
Blue line: average conditions expected at least 50% of the time
Orange line: conditions during a 1 in 4 dry year
Red line: conditions during a drought year
Dashed line: worst case scenario
Black line: represents real time

As is displayed by the black line, the levels in the lakes were initially tracking the worst case scenario through late December. With the recent rainfall, the reservoir storage levels have stabilized and have started tracking along the more forgiving one in four year scenario. This is certainly an improvement; however, our region is still distant from water supply recovery. As was stated by City of Southlake Public Works Director Bob Price, “Water conservation efforts in North Texas are very important as we deal with two important issues, drought and increased use of our water resources in this area.”

TRWD will monitor the situation. Once storage capacity dips to 76% the TRWD will be in a better position to predict when reservoir storage will hit the 75% threshold for the implementation of Stage 1 measures in our drought plan.

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