Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Dawson Band Shines at Competition

On Thursday, March 7, the DMS Symphonic Band traveled to Little Elm HS in order to compete in their annual Non-Varsity UIL Concert and Sightreading competition.  For the fourth year in a row, this band, comprised mainly of 7th graders who have never competed in this format, received straight ones from all six judges.  Being one of only 5 bands (out of 42) to earn straight ones, this earned them the coveted Sweepstakes trophy.  The band, under the direction of Eric Guerrero performed “St. Petersburg March” by Jonnie Vinson, “Knights of Dunvegan” by Richard Meyer and “Portsmouth Reflection” by Michael Oare. Band directors say this was the hardest program that Mr. Guerrero has put in front of the second band at DMS.  According to witnesses, judges were amazed at how well the students performed, and doing it all at the earliest contest of the year. Directors say the students were so very well prepared and just had an exemplary performance.

After the stage performance, the band headed to the band hall to go through the sight reading portion of the competition.  The band was to perform a piece after only 7 minutes of study time.  During the first 4 minutes, Mr. Guerrero explained the overall form of the piece and discussed the overall musical aspects.  The last 3 minutes he summarized and can count any complicated rhythms.  This level one piece had received a lot of “talk” across the state regarding its difficulties.  The Symphonic band had no issues what so ever.  The students were focused during the discussion time and just nailed the performance; band directors say they were impressed.

Comment sheets from the judges are available to read by clicking here.