Wednesday, September 30, 2020

School Board Approves Return Of Drug Survey

During the month of May 2013, all 7th through 12th grade Carroll ISD students are invited to participate in the Texas School Survey of Substance Use . The Texas School Survey of Substance Use has been conducted in Texas school districts since 1988. Local school district surveys are offered every year, with a statewide survey conducted every two years.

Acting on a recommendation from the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) and the Administration, Carroll School Board members voted April 8 to reinstate the annual drug and alcohol survey of secondary students; the survey was last given in 2008, but was cut for financial reasons. SHAC is a citizens and staff advisory council mandated by law. The group agrees that valid data is needed so that Carroll ISD can effectively plan for drug and alcohol awareness programs. Dr. Rene Moses presented SHAC’s recommendation to Trustees. She says funding for the survey, which costs about $1 per student, would come from the existing Student Services budget.

The survey covers not only prevalence of substance use, but also other factors affecting youth substance use and students’ attitudes toward substance use. Survey questions have been carefully designed to draw out student responses as to actual use of tobacco products, alcohol, inhalants and illicit drugs; identified behaviors related to substance use; and substance abuse education and support networks.

Participation in The Texas School Survey is completely voluntary. There will be no adverse consequences—grades or class standing will not be affected in any way whatsoever— for any student choosing not to participate. Those choosing not to participate are asked to read or work quietly during the administration of the survey. Research design and protocols ensure that participation in The Texas School Survey is completely anonymous. There is simply no way that the responses provided by any given student can be traced back to that student.

The Texas School Survey has two primary objectives. It serves to inform state and local policy-makers about the extent and nature of the substance use problem in Texas schools and provides a statewide standard of comparison for districts conducting local assessments of drug and alcohol use. Administration of The Texas School Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use is conducted by the Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University on behalf of the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Parents will receive a Connect-ED email with a link to complete and submit The Texas School Survey participation consent form. If you have any questions concerning the survey methodology, you may contact Allison Seibert at the Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University at (979) 845-1922 or email at

This research study has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board—Human Subjects in Research, Texas A&M University. For research-related problems or questions regarding subjects’ rights, the Institutional Review Board may be contacted at (979) 458-4067 or Website: