Thursday, September 24, 2020

OUES Students Impress Staff By Meeting Challenge

Old Union Elementary 4th Grade teachers Anne Davis and Christie Henderson started the school year with a challenge to their students.  They asked the students to read 40 chapter books by the end of the school year.  The challenge was based on teachings of Donalyn Miller, author of the Book Whisperer who believes that students thrive in classroom environments where free choice reading is celebrated.

The numbers are impressive.   In total, the 92 OUES 4th graders read 3,638 books throughout the school year with many exceeding the total of 40.

Old Union Elementary Librarian Heather Loomis enjoyed watching this group work towards their reading goals this year.  “It was a fun challenge for the teachers and me to find new books for these voracious readers.”

The 4th graders celebrated their reading accomplishments at the end of the school year by reflecting on the number of books they had read throughout the year.  All 4th graders had much to celebrate, even those who were shy of the 40 book goal.  They read more than ever this school year, and many caught the “reading bug.”

The students were rewarded with a special presentation in the library by Zooniversity, a wildlife education company.  Top readers from each class were recognized along with those who met the goal of reading 40 books.

“This was the first group of 4th graders that has had readers workshop since kindergarten,” OUES 4th grade teacher Anne Davis said, “and I believe that made a big difference in their love of reading.  I am amazed by their final numbers and so proud of them all.”