Friday, August 7, 2020

Southlake Firefighter Recieves "Firefighter of the Year" Award

Congratulations to Southlake Fire Lieutenant Marshall Urbanoksy for being selected “Firefighter of the Year” by the Rotary Club of Southlake.  On Saturday, members of the Rotary Club honored area firefighters, police officers and support personnel with its annual DPS Appreciation Celebration at the Town Square Gazebo. Christine Singh, chair of the event, said, “We are so grateful to our public safety officers and this is our chance to celebrate all of them.”

Fountain Place was filled with police officers, firefighters, kids and their families. The event featured free food and refreshments, live music, children’s activities, fire trucks and police vehicles which are always a favorite with the kids.

Assistant Fire Chief Wade Carroll who spoke at the Public Safety Celebration said it was an honor to recognize Lt. Urbanosky.  “The Southlake Fire Department, partnering with the Rotary Club of Southlake, has chosen Fire Lieutenant Marshall Urbanoksy for his exemplary leadership and public service.”  Wade recalled just a few of the reasons why Lt. Urbanosky was so deserving of this award.  Last June, he heard about a Dallas firefighter’s son Dyrk Burcie, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and the Lieutenant did what he usually does; he found a way to show support.  Firefighters from all over the nation banded together to provide encouragement to Dyrk by finding clever ways to spell out the name “Dyrk” in firefighting equipment and posting it to a Facebook page set up for Dyrk to help cheer him up.  Lt. Urbanosky gathered his crew and spelled out Dyrk in fire hose, positioning apparatus around the name and took a picture of it from the top of the ladder truck.

Wade recalled several other times that Lt. Urbanosky went above and beyond. Just a few months ago his shift made a medical call at a residence in Southlake and noticed the homeowner was in desperate need of a wheelchair ramp.  Lt. Urbanosky and his crew didn’t hesitate to get to work.  He was able to get material donated by Home Depot; build the ramp and personally deliver it to the Southlake resident.  Also on April 23rd of this year a homeless person was dropped off at the fire station during Lt. Urbanosky’s his 24 hour shift. There was not a moment of hesitation to step up and help out once again. Lt. Urbanosky and his shift showed great compassion by making sure the woman had a hot meal, shelter and they all even pitched in money from their own pockets to assist her. Lt. Urbanosky also teamed up with the Southlake Police Department and our dispatch center to have the woman taken to a shelter in Arlington where she could have a safe place to stay. Wade added, as you can see, “Lt. Urbanosky’s leadership in the area of public service is contagious.”

Congratulations Lt. Marshall Urbanosky!  Thank you for all that you do and for the many people you inspire.

We would also like to thank the Rotary Club of Southlake and all of their many sponsors. The Rotary Club also awards thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to children of first responders and we are so very grateful for all that their members do for Southlake DPS.