Monday, September 21, 2020

CISD Welcomes Foreign Language Student Delegation

Carroll ISD is excited to participate in the Southlake Sister Cities homestay exchange program by welcoming the Jiang Su Foreign Language School student delegation.  The student delegation will arrive Thursday, Sept. 26 to a Town Hall reception where they will meet and depart with their host families.

On Friday, Sept. 27 the student delegation will visit Carroll Senior High School and attend classes and partake in a luncheon hosted by the Student Council members. The day’s festivities will conclude with the student delegation attending a tailgate celebration at Dragon Stadium on Homcoming Night.

On Monday, Sept. 30 the Jiang Su Foreign Language School student delegation will attend Carroll High School. They will attend classes, meet with the Mandarin Chinese students and are guests at a luncheon provided by Carroll High School’s Student Council. At 4 p.m., the day will close with an arranged discussion forum.

The forum will include culture topics between Chinese delegate students and Carroll Senior High and High School students in the Carroll High School Lecture Hall. There will be a planned farewell dinner party and gift exchange that evening hosted by Carroll High School’s Chinese class/club and sponsored by Southlake Sister Cities.

Sister Cities Southlake Exchange Students from Carroll Dragon TV on Vimeo.