Monday, September 21, 2020

North winds may cause increased aircraft noise over Southlake

The City of Southlake has received the following from DFW Airport Noise Office:

Runway 18L/36R remains closed for scheduled, runway rehabilitation and will remain closed until about 27 October.  We are anticipating north winds from about 11PM Friday 18 thru about 8PM Saturday 19 October.  North winds are also predicted for 5PM Monday 21 thru 8AM Tuesday 22 October.  North winds are also forecast for midnight  thru 9PM Wednesday 23 October.   It is likely that Runway 31L, the west diagonal, will be used for departures during parts if not all of these north flow periods

It should be noted that the FAA makes every effort to minimize the number of jet departures from Runway 31L by diverting some of the west-side aircraft to other runways for departure, and by only using Runway 31L when the velocity of the north winds require its use.

We encourage citizens with inquiries or complaints to contact us.  The web address for the Noise Office is  The telephone Hotline is manned 24/7 and is 972-973-3192.  We follow-up calls and emails when requested but it may take a week for the response to reach callers/emailers.