Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Superheroes for Kids

Superhero Fiction

“I believe there is a superhero in all of us.”


Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of super powers. Check out one of these oddball superheroes. They’re packing an entertaining punch.

The Adventures of Beanboy by Lisa Harkrader

Fiction. When aspiring comic-book artist Tucker MacBean enters a contest to create a new sidekick for his favorite superhero — Beanboy, whose superpower is his, ahem, “gaseous tendencies” (Booklist) — he’s got a lot riding on whether or not he wins. Tucker hopes that stardom might make him more popular, and he wants to give the prize, a college scholarship, to his hardworking but exhausted single mom. Like the Wimpy Kid books, this story is told partly in cartoons and partly with words, but it’s less sarcastic than Greg Heffley’s diary entries and has a balance of seriousness and humor that fans of realistic, somewhat emotional stories will enjoy.

Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute by Jarrett Krosoczka

Graphic Novel. As if slinging hash in the school cafeteria isn’t exciting enough, Lunch Lady has a secret life as a crime-fighting superhero! And she’s noticed that something about the new substitute teacher, Mr. Pasteur, just doesn’t seem right. But while Lunch Lady is busy investigating Mr. Pasteur, students Hector, Terrence, and Dee are investigating her (the kids have always wondered what Lunch Lady does when she’s not doling out her famous French toast sticks). If you like this wacky, action-packed comic, be sure not to miss Lunch Lady’s further adventures in Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians.

Magic Pickle by Scott Morse

Graphic Novel. The amazing Magic Pickle was created by Dr. Jekkel Formaldehyde during his attempts to turn vegetables into soldiers. Unfortunately, his experiments also unleashed a bunch of rotten veggies like the Romaine Gladiator, Chili Chili Bang Bang, and Peashooter — who have formed The Brotherhood of Evil Produce and plan to take over the world. Teaming up with feisty young Jo Jo Wigman, the Magic Pickle is ready to turn the Brotherhood into compost. This “dill-ectable” (Kirkus Reviews) adventure leads to a showdown in Jo Jo’s school cafeteria, and you know what that means…food fight!