Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Carroll High School Chinese Contest Results

Carroll ISD Mandarin students participated in the 2014 Carroll High School Chinese Speech and Talent Contest on Saturday, Feb. 8. The competition was held in the Carroll High School cafeteria. Students demonstrated their language and performance skills to the audience. A congratulations went out to all contestants for their talent and courage to participate in the competition. Event winners are listed below:

Most Popular

  • Chinese Nursery Medley:  Peter Harris, William Ahner, Dru Patel
  • Trumpet: Tube Rose : Samuel Ortiz
  • Chinese Yoyo: Anthony Akleh
  • Tibetan dance /drum: Lea Morisato

Best Performance: Nicole Smith

  • Most Creative: Jillian Jernigan
  • Best Speech: Michael Johnston
  • Most Inspirational: Connor Curnow

Level 1

  • 1st place overall: Anthony Akleh
  • 2nd place overall: Peter Harris
  • 3rd place overall : Abigail Singer

Level 2

  • 1st place overall: Chris Nguyen
  • 2nd place overall: Samuel Ortiz
  • 3rd place overall: Jake Nelson

Level 3

  • 1st place overall   Lea Morisato
  • 2nd place overall  Duc Tran
  • 3rd place overall  Connor Curnow

Heritage group

  • 1st place : Collete Chang Family
  • 2nd place : Emma Lin
  • 3rd place : Alice Liu