Sunday, September 27, 2020

Meet SLPD's Newest Police Officers

SLPD Officer Malik Abdullah

Please welcome our newest police officers, Malik Abdullah and Delaney Rhoades.  They are both currently in FTO training. Malik was raised in Dallas and is the first person in his family to become a police officer. Malik said, “I wanted to become a police officer to make a difference in the world.” Malik also attended classes at UNT. He is married to his lovely wife Clarissa and has a 5-month-old son named Kaiser. Malik enjoys boxing and has trained in MMA – Mixed Martial Arts.

Delaney Rhoades is also the first in her family to become a police officer. She completed her degree in Finance/Accounting at the University of Nebraska and worked in that field before deciding she wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming an officer.  She took the PACT test and was offered several jobs at several agencies but choose to make her home with the Southlake Police Department. Delaney says, “There was just something about Southlake, the atmosphere and culture that made it feel like the best decision for me. It seemed to have the right balance of crime and community policing that I had been looking for in a police department.” She is engaged and is set to marry her finance’ Mike on May 31st in Omaha, Nebraska. She and Mike are both avid “gym-rats” including rock-climbing and crossfit training. No wonder they met at the gym.  We welcome you both to the SLPD family!

SLPD Officer Delaney Rhoades