Thursday, September 24, 2020

Good Mysteries You May Have Missed

Hey, mystery-lovers! Follow these favorite crime-solvers on their latest adventures.

Breaking Point: A Joe Pickett Novel – by C.J. Box

Mystery. Has Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett reached his breaking point? He just might have as the Environmental Protection Agency goes after Butch Roberson, a local man and the father of Joe’s daughter’s best friend, for dubious reasons. After two armed EPA agents are killed while delivering bad news to Butch, he disappears. Joe, an honest man, leads one group on a mountain manhunt, even as he suspects that things aren’t what they appear. But there are other groups looking for Butch who don’t care about the truth. This 13th book in the wonderful Joe Pickett series is “another must-read”. (Library Journal)

Light of the World: A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke

Mystery. Over the course of 19 novels, troubled Louisiana Sheriff’s Detective Dave Robicheaux has battled evil in the form of bad guys many times. In his 20th book, he comes up against the most nefarious villain of his life. While on a Montana vacation with his journalist daughter, Alafair, his best friend Cletus Purcel, and Cletus’ recently discovered daughter, Gretchen, the group faces all kinds of trouble, including an abusive cop, a crazy rodeo clown, and a presumed-dead serial killer whom Alafair once interviewed. With his lyrical writing, compelling story, and fascinating characters, James Lee Burke provides fans plenty to enjoy.

A Dying Fall: A Ruth Galloway Mystery – by Elly Griffiths

Mystery. The day after she learns that an old university friend and fellow archaeologist has died in a house fire, forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway gets a letter from him. He asks for her help with a big discovery, bones that may belong to the Raven King (aka King Arthur)…and says that he is afraid. Ruth, a single mum to 18-month-old Kate who was fathered during her short relationship with DCI Harry Nelson, eventually makes her way to the north of England to examine the bones, but she also can’t help looking for answers about what happened to her friend. What she discovers is a campus living in fear of a sinister neo-Nazi group. With help from Harry and a Druid friend, Ruth just might sort it all out. This 5th in a series is “packed with offbeat, well-developed characters and a quirky, challenging mystery”. (Kirkus Reviews)

The Good Cop – by Brad Parks

Mystery. Amiable 32-year-old Newark Eagle-Examiner reporter Carter Ross talks to the widow of a local policeman for a tribute, but the story is pulled by his bosses after the top brass say the cop committed suicide. Carter doubts the official ruling and the widow, who’s also a new mother, argues that her husband would never kill himself. Resolving to uncover the truth, Carter investigates, but his inquiries are repeatedly blocked, someone makes attempts on his life, and then another cop dies. An eager newspaper intern and romantic complications (his sort-of ex is now his boss) also vie for his attention. If you’re looking for a smartly funny yet deadly serious mystery, check out this 4th in the series.