Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Carroll Swimming/Diving Teams Capture Region Titles

The Carroll Dragon boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving teams both captured Region 2-5A championships and qualified several members of the teams for the UIL state meet. Ten boys and seven girls qualified for state from Carroll.

Both teams dominated the final standings as the boys scored 563 points and the girls scored 412.

The Dragons will be seeking their fourth consecutive Class 5A state championship and the Lady Dragons will vie for their third consecutive. The UIL state meet will be held Feb. 21-22 at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swim Center in Austin. The top three finishers at region are listed below…

1. Carroll                 563
2. Flower Mound   373
3. Keller                   225

1. Carroll                   412
2. Keller                    296
3. Flower Mound    265

The Dragons advanced all six relays to the State Meet, winning 4 of the relays.

Relay finishes for the Dragons:
3rd  200 med relay 1:47.94 with Emily Gibson, Olivia Coffey, Elizabeth Nedrow and Jennifer Owston

qualified for State, season best time, All-American consideration

1st  200 med relay 1:34.60 with Jonathan Roberts, Austin Arkes, Gus Karau and Kris Kolde

qualified for State, season best time, All-American

4th  200 free relay  1:39.18 with Casey Rose, Rebecca Upton, Alexa Baran and Jennifer Owston

qualified for State

1st  200 free relay  1:26.81 with Kyle McCall, Carson Klein, Kris Kolde and Taylor Willenbring

qualified for State, season best

1st  400 free relay  3:30.05 with Casey Rose, Rebecca Upton, Alexa Baran and Emily Gibson

qualified for State, Season best, All-American

1st  400 free relay  3:10. 25 with Carson Klein, Taylor Willenbring, Austin Whalen and Jonathan Roberts

qualified for State, season best, All-American consideration

Individual Top 3 Medalists for the Dragons included:
Rebecca Upton  1st 200 free  1:50.66  State Qualifier, PR, All-American consideration
Carson Klein     2nd  200 free 1:40.40  State Qualifier, PR, All-American consideration
Connor Dobbs   3rd 200 free  1:42.18  State Qualifier, season best
Emily Gibson     3rd  200 IM   2:03.66  State Qualifier, PR, All-American consideration, school record
Gus Karau        2nd  200 IM   1:55.35  PR
John Everett     3rd  200 IM   1:56.30  PR
Emily Gibson     1st  100 fly      54.51  State Qualifier, PR, All-American, school record
Gus Karau         2nd 100 fly      51.96  PR
Casey Rose       2nd 100 free   52.46  State Qualifier,  PR
Rebecca Upton  2nd  500 free 4:58.23 State Qualifier, season best
Jonathan Roberts 1st 500 free 4:29.54 State Qualifier, All-American
Connor Dobbs    2nd 500 free  4:30.14 State Qualifier, season best, All-American
Carson Klein      3rd 500 free  4:34.89  State Qualifier, season best, All-American consideration
Jonathan Roberts 1st  100 back  49.14  State Qualifer, PR, All-American, school record
Taylor Willenbring 2nd  100 breast 58.22  State Qualifier, PR
Austin Arkes        3rd  100 breast  58.89  State Qualifier, season best
Nathaniel Hernandez 1st Diving   State Qualifier

Individual Top 8 Finalists for the Dragons included:
Alexa Baran  8th  200 free  1:55.67
Austin Whalen 4th  200 free  1:44.26  PR
Alex Moraru   7th  200 IM    1:59.22  PR
Casey Rose    4th  50 free   24.24
Kris Kolde      8th  50 free   22.35   PR
Katelyn Johnson 6th  100 fly  59.54  PR
Elizabeth Nedrow 8th  100 fly 1:00.13
Kyle Derevyanik 5th  100 fly  53.36  PR
Alex Moraru      6th  100 fly  53.51   PR
John Everett     8th  100 fly  53.59   PR
Jennifer Owston 7th  100 free  54.26  PR
Jaycie Adamson  8th  100 free  54.88  PR
Taylor Willenbring  5th  100 free 47.76  season best
Kris Kolde             7th  100 free  48.85  PR
Alexa Baran        7th  500 free  5:06.85
Austin Whalen    4th  500 free  4:40.48  PR
Kyle Derevyanik  7th  100 back  54.56  PR
Olivia Coffey      4th  100 breast  1:06.97  season best
Katie Nedrow     7th  100 breast  1:09.26
Evan Kolde        4th  100 breast  1:01.01  PR
Emily Torres      6th  Diving
Maddie Keiser    4th  Diving
Luke McFarland  8th  Diving
Josh Villarreal    6th  Diving

Individual Top 16 scorers for the Dragons included:
 *every single one of our Dragon swimmers finished in the top 16 and scored at the meet!

Andrew Walker   15th Diving
Jennifer Talbert  10th  200 free  1:57.20
Jennifer Owston  12th  200 free  1:56.97 (prelims)
Annika Ittiruck    10th  200 IM  2:16.03  season best
Nasha Luevit      12th  200 IM  2:16.40
Aaron Cosenza   9th  200 IM  2:01.38  PR
Elizabeth Nedrow 10th  50 free  25.29
Brooke Parra       11th  50 free  25.38  season best
Kyle McCall         10th  50 free 22.22  PR
Austin Arkes       11th  50 free  22.67 season best
Matt Wiseman    12th  50 free  22.99
Haley Vassios     14th  100 fly  1:02.84
Brandon Everett  9th  100 free  48.92  PR
Griffin Rea          11th  100 free  48.87  (prelims) PR
Jennifer Talbert   9th  500 free  5:13. 69
Katelyn Johnson  10th  500 free  5:19.63  PR
Nasha Luevit       9th  100 back  1:00.24
Miranda Faust    13th  100 back  1:02.50
Maddie O’Brian  15th  100 back  1:02.29  (prelims)  PR
Matt Barnhart     9th  100 back     55.09  PR
Gavin Springs     11th  100 back   57.22  PR
Sarah Zobrist      9th  100 breast  1:10.01
Taylor Schimek   16th  100 breast  1:13.40