Wednesday, September 30, 2020

DFW Airport Closes 17R/35L for Maintenance

DFW_airpot-300x300Runway 17R/35L will be closed for the month of March 2014 for scheduled maintenance. Runway 17R/35L is the north/south oriented runway nearest the terminal complex on the east side of the airport.

The closure is necessary to facilitate extensive runway maintenance including a complete removal and replacement of nearly all runway markings, pavement removal and replacement for the runway and specific, adjacent taxiways, and thorough refurbishment of runway electrical systems. While the airport traffic pattern will not be significantly affected by this closure, some constituents may notice slightly higher than normal traffic counts on some of the remaining available runways.

For inquiries and complaints, the Noise Complaint Hotline phone number is 972-973-3192. This number is manned 24/7. Inquiries/complaints will be taken and forwarded to the Noise Compatibility Office (NCO). A response will be provided if one is requested. E-mail is also available thru Those submitting an inquiry or complaint should include name, address and phone number with their voice mail or e-mail message.