Friday, September 25, 2020

Lady Dragon Softball Collects Record Donation


Lady Dragon assistant coach Cody Molock


Lady Dragon head coach Tim Stuewe

The Carroll Lady Dragon softball team defeated Colleyville Heritage last Friday 6-3 at Carroll Senior High School, but earned a much bigger accomplishment on this night. The Lady Dragons hosted “Stirke Out Cancer” night and set a team record by raising $4,500 and all the donations went toward the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

There was also a challenge the Lady Dragons met. Coach Cody Molock made good on his promise to kiss a pig if the team raised $1,500 and coach Tim Stuewe kissed the pig after a matching donation was announced. Grubbs Infinity also made a donation during the event.

The Lady Dragons improved to 10-5 on the season and Stuewe earned his 100th victory at Carroll. Nikki Spuria led the team with three hits and Alex Schneider had three RBI and earned the victory on the mound.