Sunday, April 21, 2024

Councilmembers Recognized for Their Service to Southlake

Pamela Muller and Mayor John Terrell

Pamela Muller and Mayor John Terrell

The Southlake City Council held a service celebration reception for former Mayor Deputy Pro Tem Pamela Muller and former Councilmember Martin Schelling.

Ms. Muller was honored for her service as an elected official and as a volunteer on various boards, commissions, and committees. Ms. Muller served on the council from 1988 to 1990, 1995 to 1998, and 2008 to 2014. During her tenure on Council, Ms. Muller served on the Southlake 2030 Committee (2009-2014), Southlake Parks Development Corporation (2008-2014) serving as vice president, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 1 (2008-2014), Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Committee (2008-2014) serving as an alternate member, and Metroport Cities Partnership (2008-2014). Ms. Muller is an active member on the Citizens on Patrol, Citizens Emergency Response Team, Southlake Fire Rehab, and Department of Public Safety Citizen Association.

Mr. Schelling was recognized for his 21 consecutive years of service to Southlake by Mayor Terrell, including: his election to Place 1 in 2011, during his time on City Council he served on the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 1 (2011-2014) and the Southlake 2030 committee (2011-2014). Before his time on council Mr. Schelling served on the SPIN Standing Committee (1994-2001), Crime Control and Prevention District board member and president (1997-2011), and the 2025 steering committee (2002-2004).

The video of the presentation honoring Ms. Muller and Mr. Schelling can be viewed below.

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