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Trader Joe's Construction Traffic Advisory

UPDATE 5/16/2014 – Due to Tuesday’s storm, the Trader Joe’s  parking garage construction is now scheduled to finish up on Monday May 19th.

A lot of people are excited about Trader Joe’s coming to Southlake Town Square. The new store will be a great addition to the many great shops that are already staples in the shopping center.

Of course with growth also come a few growing pains.  The Southlake Police Department, along with other City departments, has been working diligently with the developers Cooper & Stebbins to address all traffic concerns.  The intent is to make certain that interruptions to traffic along Central and Main Street are as brief as possible.

Traffic Lieutenant Ken West says, “Our goal is to keep the flow of traffic moving with only short delays for the traveling public.” Lt. West added that when they held several dry runs with the large trucks, which will be carrying heavy prefab concrete beams weighing about thirty thousand pounds each, the average delay was only about five minutes. “Safely maneuvering those trucks in and out of the construction zone is our top priority,” said Lt. West.

Drivers should expect brief delays in traffic as construction crews begin to build the parking structure near Trader Joe’s.  The parking structure pieces will be placed north of Cafe Express along Central Avenue. Truck drivers will back into the construction site along Main Street.

Crews will begin the work of installing the beams on May 5th from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. however, the work will not occur on weekends. Installation of the concrete beams is scheduled until May 16th. Shoppers may want to consider using other entrances and exits getting into and around Town Square during this time.

Additional Southlake police officers will be on site to help manage any traffic concerns throughout the construction period and to help keep delays as brief as possible for the traveling public.

The two-level parking garage will be ready for Trader Joe’s later this year and it will have 73 available spaces.

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