Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dawson Middle Using New Access Road off Kimball

Dawson School RoutingThe City of Southlake has opened a new segment of South Village Center Drive, which is connected to Kimball Avenue just north of the Dawson Middle School campus. Those of you not familiar with this road should know that while it currently runs next to Kroger and ends near the Modia Theater Store on the south side of 1709, it will soon turn east ninety degrees, extend behind Ethan Allen, Torchy’s Tacos, and connect with Kimball Avenue.

The new road will take the place of the previously used Dawson driveway to get to the back of the campus.  When school opens next week, parents will  be able to approach the DMS campus from Kimball Avenue using this new road.

Eventually, the road will be fully extended and accessible from FM 1709 so that parents can arrive to the campus from either direction on Southlake Village Center Drive. Until then, this new drive replaces the old driveway previously accessed by parents and staff.

To assist drivers in successfully approaching Dawson’s campus for student drop-off in the morning and student pick-up in the afternoon. The City of Southlake will also provide additional police presence for traffic guidance, and CISD will provide plenty of signage to assist parents the first few days of school.  Please be mindful of the newly adjusted traffic islands on Kimball Avenue.  Where you once thought to turn left may not be a left anymore. The new driveway is located just north of the previous one.