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Town Square Area Improvements

Town Square area improvements

Town Square area improvements

Beginning in late-August, 2014, the City will construct a number of improvements in the northeastern section of Town Square (see map). These improvements will address issues relating to traffic congestion and access into and out of Town Square with the goal of alleviating some of the more common traffic woes visitors may experience:

The first improvement coming to Town Square is a free right turn lane on Federal Way to N. Carroll Avenue.  Typically, this intersection experiences backups during peak traffic times with drivers wanting to turn left (south) on to N. Carroll Avenue from Town Square. The construction of a free right turn lane will allow drivers turning north on to N. Carroll Avenue to do so more easily, while simultaneously helping clear backups  more quickly.  Work on this project has already begun. Utility companies have recently completed relocating their facilities in preparation for the lane construction, which will begin the week of August 18th.  Construction is expected to take about three weeks (weather permitting).

The second traffic improvement is the completion of State Street between Federal Way and Division Street.  State Street is the roadway that runs north/south behind the post office and DPS Headquarters. Currently, there is no direct access to SH 114 from State Street and a gap exists between it and Division Street. This project will see crews filling in that gap and construct a new roadway segment to connect State Street and Division Street, allowing for direct access to SH 114. Design plans are expected to be submitted to the City the week of August 18th with construction commencing sometime in September.

The final improvement to this area will be the installation of a traffic signal at N. Carroll Avenue and Federal Way.  The decorative signal poles are currently being manufactured and are expected to be delivered in October.  This project will also include an illuminated street name sign like those that will be installed on Southlake Boulevard traffic signals.  The traffic signal at N. Carroll Avenue and Federal Way is expected to be in operation before the Home for the Holidays event.

For questions regarding the improvements coming to Town Square, please contact Steven Anderson, P.E. in the Public Works Department at 817-748-8098. For additional information about the Town Square projects, please visit the project web page here.

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