Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Carroll Chorale Performs With OSU Concert Chorale

The CSHS Chorale recently had the opportunity to participate in a very special choral program.  On October 14th, the top choirs from four area high schools performed with the Oklahoma State University Concert Chorale in front of a packed audience at the First United Methodist Church, Fort Worth.Marla & Crew

Carroll’s Chorale, along with the A Cappella Choirs from Coppell High, Newman Smith High and Trinity High, were invited to participate by OSU’s Director of Choral and Vocal Studies, Dr. Z. Randall Stroope, in a composer’s concert titled, The American Journey.   Dr. Stroope invited two renowned composers, Morten Lauridsen and Matthew Harris, to work with and direct the combined choirs in an incredible performance of some of their most beautiful chorale works.

The CSHS Chorale, under the direction of Director Marla Ringel and Associate Director Bradley Kerley, had seven weeks to prepare for this concert.  They spent countless hours both during class time and outside of school mastering the music and eventually meeting with the other choirs for hours of joint rehearsal time.  The end result was a wonderful evening of choral music and an amazing learning experience for these talented singers.

Both the high school and OSU students had the unique opportunity to learn to interpret and perform music from the composers who wrote it.  The choir members were also able to experience different directing styles as not only did the composers direct the combined choirs, but each of the four high school choir directors also directed a part of the concert. The end result was an incredible performance and a glimpse for the high school students of what it is like to be part of university level choir.