Friday, October 23, 2020

Dragons Helping Others: EIS Student, Business Partner Against Hemophilia

Peyton_Hemophilia2014Peyton Brush, a sixth grader at Eubanks, is raising money for a great cause that is dear to his family. Peyton has severe hemophilia, a genetic condition that prevents his blood from clotting properly. This is Peyton’s fourth year to be a team captain for the DFW Walk for Hemophilia.

Peyton is getting a lot of support from his community this year. Weidenhoff Martial Arts, through the city of Southlake, held a benefit for Peyton’s team with a special belt testing on September 23. 20 Southlake students tessted and together they raised over $800 in one for this cause. Sensei George Weidenhoff was the idea behind that generous event. While Peyton cannot participate in Jui Jitsu, his two brothers are members of the school. If Peyton’s team reaches it’s fundraising goal of $6500 this year for the Walk November 8th at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, his 4 year fundraising total will be over $25,000.

His parents are very involved in the cause as well. Both have served on the board of directors for the organization and Mrs. Brush was President the last two years. She is also the author of 10 books for toddlers and young children living with the condition.

Hemophilia is one of the most expensive conditions to live with in the country. Costs for medication alone to prevent bleeding range from $200,000 to $500,000 per year with no complications. Much of the funds raised goes to education, advocacy, and sending kids with this condition to a special camp where they learn the skills needed to deal with this disease.