Saturday, October 31, 2020

Dragon Teams Win Home Invitational

Dragon SwimNearly 100 Dragon Swimmers competed last Saturday at the 9th Annual Dragon Hunt Invitational Swim Meet against more than 250 other swimmers from 10 additional teams.

The Dragon Varsity teams won both team championships, while the Dragon JV teams finished 8th in the girls’ competition and the boys finished 9th, against the other varsity teams entered.

The main event of the Dragon Hunt meet is the awarding of “rubber chickens” to each heat winner.  Every swimmer, not just the very fastest ones, has a chance to win a rubber chicken. Overall, 102 rubber chickens were awarded in individual races to the heat winners.  The Dragons came away with 20 of those individual rubber chickens.

In addition, four rubber chickens were awarded to the four members of each relay team that finished first in their respective relay event.  The Dragon swimmers won seven of the eight relays, taking home 28 of those 32 chickens awarded.

The Dragons’ next competition is Thursday, Oct. 23 at the Allen Natatorium vs. Allen HS and the Jesuit and Ursuline.

Individual rubber chicken winners for the Dragons included:
Jack LeVant 100 IM   55.27
Olivia Miller  200 IM  2:32.91
Chantal Meyer  200 IM  2:13.98
Haydn Dussetschleger  50 free 34.47
Carey McLean  50 free  29.51
Casey Rose  50 free  24.99
David Graham  50 free  25.39
Kamal Phelps  50 free  23.81
Anya Ittiruck  100 fly  59.78
Madelynn Tung  200 fly  2:11.23
Jack LeVant  200 fly  1:55.64
Taylor Venis  100 free  1:04.27
Lauren Clay  100 free  1:00.88
Brighton Sanders  100 free  59.26
Garrett Kuketz  100 free  1:05.33
Gavin Springs  100 free  51.79
Molly Warden  100 back  1:25.28
Kyle Derevyanik  100 back  55.72
Daniel Balint  100 breast  1:04.33
Chantal Meyer  200 breast  2;26.58

Rubber Chicken Relay winners included:  (first place in the entire event)
200 med relay  1:55.64 with Nasha Luevit, Katie Nedrow, Anya Ittiruck and Jaycie Adamson
200 med relay  1:40.12 with Kyle Derevyanik, Evan Kolde, Jack LeVant and Griffin Rea
100 rubber chicken relay  58.01 with Katie Nedrow, Elizabeth Nguyen, Katelyn Johnson and Abby Cosenza
100 rubber chicken relay  50.23 with Michael Everett, Brandon Everett, Kyle McCall and Kamal Phelps
200 free relay  1:30.08 with jack LeVant, Gus Karau, Austin Whalen and Kyle McCall
400 free relay  3:43.14 with Jennifer Owston, Ashley Baker, Chantal Meyer and Jennifer Talbert
400 free relay  3:17.73 with Gus Karau, Griffin Rea, Austin Whalen and Brandon Everett