Saturday, October 31, 2020

Santa Says…

When Santa was in Southlake for the Town Square tree lighting ceremony in November, he commented how impressed he was with the number of parking spaces available to shoppers in the two large parking garages.

Santa was quoted as saying: “There is abundant parking in Town Square”, he even commented that shoppers can get a little exercise to work off the extra sweets we all consume during this time of the year.  “For a little holiday exercise, shoppers can park in one of two parking garages, with easy access to Square shops and dining.  The west garage has 841 spaces and east has 747 for a total of 1,588 parking spaces.  As an added bonus, more than 1,100 of these spaces are covered!”

One last observation Kris Kringle made was: “Much like a typical shopping mall, it isn’t always possible to get a space directly in front of your destination, but plenty of parking is available and, based on my observations, there are always plenty of open spaces in the garages and, with the maps on the walls showing the layout of Town Square, it’s really easy to find your destination.  Of course, I like the idea of strolling through the Square or better yet, taking a carriage ride.”

The City of Southlake thanks Santa for his comments and observations.  We have included a map which shows the total parking capacity in Town Square.  Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday.