Monday, October 26, 2020

Southlake Citizens Help Reduce Vehicle Burglaries this Holiday Season!

The Southlake Police Department would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to the citizens of Southlake for partnering with us to help reduce vehicle burglaries during this first rush of the holiday shopping season.

Because of your efforts in following the Hide, Lock,Take guidelines — Hide your things, Lock your car and Take your keys — the Police Department received “ZERO,” that’s right, “ZERO” reports of BMV’s or burglary of a motor vehicle during the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Saturday through Sunday evening shopping sales event. “This is great news for our citizens and our police department and it proves that we can make a real difference in reducing crime by working together,” said Assistant Police Chief James Brandon. It is truly a team effort!

Additionally, the Southlake Police Department stepped up bike and police patrols, rotated the Skywatch tower at various shopping centers, utilized our Citizens on Patrol (COP’s) as extra eyes and ears to help deter crime, and Hide, Lock, Take signs were visible in high traffic shopping area parking lots. We also produced and gave local businesses Hide, Lock Take cards and brochures to place inside stores all across Southlake to serve as an extra reminder to shoppers.

Southlake citizens and shoppers made a big difference by taking the time to lock up their valuables and shopping bags and place them out of sight. Your efforts helped to drive home the message to thieves that, “They were not welcome here!”

With only a few more weeks of the Christmas shopping season left the Southlake Police Department wants to encourage everyone to keep up the good work and remember to Hide, Lock, Take even long after the holiday season is over.

Happy Holidays!