Friday, October 30, 2020

Help Prevent The Spread Of Flu, Illness

OperationSAFEdragon (2)Carroll school officials are asking for help from parents, students and teachers who can directly impact the spread of the flu virus. Several CISD campuses are experiencing absences related to stomach viruses, upper respiratory infections and confirmed flu cases. Symptoms include fever, cough, congestions and in some cases vomiting. Parents are being reminded to keep sick children at home and to report confirmed cases of the flu to the school office.

CISD has registerd nurses staffed at each school campus health clinic. The district closely monitors student illnesses and works with area health experts to ensure preventative and precautionary measures are in place to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases. Our nurses follow safety protocols in managing ill students in the school clinics. CISD’s custodial and maintenance employees assist with extensive disinfecting and cleaning of classroom and common “touch” zone areas where students gather such as (cafeterias, restrooms, water fountains, locker rooms, etc.).

Hand-Washing and Cough Etiquette
Two simple things that can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases are effective hand-washing and the use of cough etiquette techniques. CISD employees visit with students to teach them about proper hand-washing techniques to include soap, water and 20 seconds of lathering and rinsing. Signs are posted throughout our campuses to remind students and staff of the importance of hand-washing. Students are also taught proper cough etiquette by coughing into their elbow to avoid spraying the air or other people with germs. CISD keeps additional hand sanitizer and tissues for students to use in classrooms and commons areas.

Report Illnesses to CISD
Students, staff and parents are encouraged to report illnesses to the school nurse and/or campus principal. This helps Carroll ISD better monitor infectious diseases and student absences. CISD has protocols in place to manage those showing signs or symptoms of illness. These include reporting to the nurse clinic, taking and recording a student’s temperature, using gloves, masks and other protective supplies to prevent the spread of disease and isolating the student from others to the extent possible until communication can occur between CISD and emergency contacts. Parents are encouraged to pick their children up as quickly as possible when they are called by the school.

Fever-Free Policy
A child must be 24 hours free of fever without Tylenol or Advil and not throwing-up for 24 hours before he/she can return to school following an illness. Antibiotics must be taken for 24 hours before returning to school. If a child is sent home ill the child may return the same day if with a doctor’s release or if the child has been cleared by the school nurse.

For more information, visit the CISD website and click on the Operation #SAFEdragon icon.