Saturday, October 31, 2020

Couple Sentenced in Southlake Mail Thefts

Great work by Southlake Police Detectives, working in collaboration with the US Postal Inspectors office, and making arrests in the mail theft cases that occurred in Southlake.

Federal prison sentences were handed down to man and woman responsible for mail thefts that occurred in Southlake between March and April 2014. During that time the City had approximately 17 reports of stolen mail.

Detective James Sutton was assigned the case and through his efforts obtained multiple security videos of the suspects using stolen credit cards from the mail thefts. One of the videos showed an unknown male and female suspect, driving what appeared to be a gray 82-85 Honda Accord, making a purchase at the Walmart in North Richland Hills.

Acting on a hunch that the suspects might live nearby, Detective Sutton performed a search of 82-85 Honda Accords within a 5 mile radius of NRH. The search returned 5 results, only one of which was gray. That vehicle was owned by an elderly woman with a 20 year old son, William Lee Maglicco. Magglicco had previously been arrested in North Richland Hills for stolen mail. A review of that case revealed a female accomplice, Erica Gibson.

Maglicco and Gibson’s driver license photos appeared to be the suspects from the various fraudulent credit card uses.  Detective Sutton obtained a search warrant for the vehicle owner’s residence — where records showed Maglicco lived.  Upon serving the search warrant, hundreds of pieces of mail from multiple jurisdictions were recovered.

Due to the number of victims, and the number of jurisdictions, it was decided to allow the US Postal Inspectors Office to prosecute the case. 

In January of 2015 the case was adjudicated. Maglicco was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison, and Gibson received 41 months, also in federal prison.

Police say the couple’s arrest closed 21 cases of mail theft in Southlake.