Thursday, October 22, 2020

Southlake Library Has Auto-Renew

Southlake Library now offers automatic renewals for library materials. Customers can enjoy the convenience of up to 10 auto renewals for their library materials, as long as no other customer has requested the item. Customers with a current email address in their library account will receive an email notice, 2 days before their materials’ due date, indicating which items were automatically renewed and which items could not renew.  Items renewed more than 10 times will require staff assistance.

This new feature has been added to enhance customer service and make using the Library more convenient than ever. There is nothing for customers to do to begin using the service, it is automatic. Customers who are not receiving email reminder notices from the Library, are encouraged to connect with staff to update or add an email address to their account. Adding an email address to your account only allows account reminders and does not automatically register customers for Library announcements. This information is for Library use only and is not shared with any other organization. If you have questions about the service, call us at 817.748.8243.