Saturday, October 24, 2020

Carroll Schools Closed Thursday, March 5

weather alertCISD school officials, in consultation with the Texas Department of Transportation, National Weather Service experts and area school superintendents, have decided to close school Thursday due to freezing temperatures, an overnight sleet/snow wintery mix and icy road conditions.


The forecast calls for accumulation until about 1 a.m. Thursday, with temperatures remaining below freezing after 10 a.m. This forecast makes a delayed start less favorable. With other major school closings announced, CISD also anticipates a difficult time with all staff being able to get in to work.


As a result of this closure, Friday will be a “B” day for students in grades 9-12. It currently shows up as an “A” day on the CISD calendar, but school officials believe that it would best serve students to change Friday to a “B” day, given the missed instructional time for “B-day classes” so far this semester.


Should the situation not improve before Friday morning, we will make official announcements using our Twitter account (@Carrollisd). We will also utilize Facebook, and your child’s emergency contact information via our Connect-ED emailing and calling system.