Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Two Week Runway Maintenance Closure

UPDATE 3/17/2015: The City has received the following update from DFW Airport:

As a reminder, Runway 18R/36L remains closed for maintenance this week and is scheduled to open the afternoon of Sunday March 22nd.  The most current National Weather Service (NWS) forecast is for more north winds beginning tonight.  It is likely that  the FAA will again need to use Runway 31L for departures up the Highway 114 corridor.   The forecast indicates that the south winds  will shift to the north around 8PM this evening and remain north until midday tomorrow, Wednesday, 18 March.  The forecast then shows south winds returning midday Wednesday and remaining southerly until around 7AM Friday morning, the 20th.  The winds will then shift back to the north and northeasterly through the end of the construction period Sunday afternoon, the 22nd.  The NWS may adjust this forecast before the end of the construction period.

The airport encourages citizens with inquiries or complaints to contact the telephone hotline, 972-973-3192. The web address for the Noise Office is

On Monday, March 9, 2015 the City received the following notice from DFW Airport:

DFW plans to close Runway 18R/36L at 9:00AM, Monday 9 March, through 4:00PM, Sunday 22 March 2015. This period will be used to perform airport maintenance work on runway markings and pavement repair, as well as construction work to upgrade the distance remaining signs for the runway. No other daytime runway closures are planned during this period. Current forecast weather for the next ten days indicates rain for 8 and 9 March, but, through the 12th, no severe weather is forecast.

Aircraft that would have used the runway during the closure will be dispersed among the operational runways. North winds during the closure period could require the use of Runway 31L for jet departures in order to accommodate safe and efficient movement of aircraft. More information about the Airport’s runway work schedule can be found on link

The airport encourages citizens with inquiries or complaints to contact them. The telephone hotline, 972-973-3192, is manned 24/7. The web address for the Noise Office is Follow-up response calls or emails will be provided when requested.