Friday, October 30, 2020

What’s Your H20 IQ? – SPIN Town Hall Forum

Drought Map and Watersheds

The City of Southlake is outlined to show where we are in relation the drought area map and watershed locations.

Did you know that the State of Texas has been in a persistent drought since 2010? Do you know the City and its state and regional partners’ long-term plans to address  the drought? Are you aware of the City’s capacity to provide water to resident’s and businesses? If the answer is ‘No’ to any of these questions, then mark your calendars and plan to attend the:

“What’s Your H2O IQ?” SPIN Town Hall Forum
Tuesday, March 24, 2015
6:30-7:00 pm, Open House in Town Hall Lobby
7:00 – 8:00 pm, Panel Discussion in Council Chambers

Come join the City of Southlake, as well as representatives from the Texas Regional Water District (TRWD) and Texas AgriLife, as we engage the community in a panel discussion about the drought, the City’s water system,  water conservation and other water-related topics important to Southlake and the surrounding areas. Listen to the experts and engage them in a question and answer session following the presentations.

Have a question or comment already?  Submit them here.  At the forum, the panelists will address these submitted questions at the forum and any that aren’t addressed will be answered in the weeks following the event.

The Water Forum will also provide opportunities for the City of Southlake and our partners to showcase how the City has addressed (or will address) water and conservation related issues over the next several years. Before the panel discussion begins in fact, we invite you to an Open House in the Town Hall lobby (6:30 – 7:00pm) to chat with experts and pick up some informational literature to learn what you can do to boost your H20 IQ!

The discussion about water and drought is a conversation worth having. Water availability will be an ongoing issue, not only for Southlake, but for the region and state as well over the next several years. The City has a water conservation master plan that outlines what we intend to do to tackle this issues but the “What’s Your H2O IQ?” SPIN Town Hall Forum is an opportunity for you, the residents of Southlake, to have your voices heard and actively participate in the conversation. In the meantime, please visit the City’s “Water Conservation” page to learn what the City is doing to help address this important issue.

See you March 24th!

Gallons Current Rate 7.825% Increase Net Increase %
0-2000 $31.75 $34.05 $2.30 10
2001-10000 $3.73 $4.00 $0.27 15
10001-25000 $4.32 $4.63 $0.31 20