Friday, October 30, 2020

"Kids Take Over the School Day"

Interim Police Chief James Brandon and School Resource Officer Frank LaGrassa are pleased to welcome Southlake’s latest recruit, SRO student John Hicks. Today. SRO Hicks will be shadowing SRO LaGrassa as they deliver library notices, help during lunch time, and walk the halls keeping things safe at Walnut Grove.

SROs Frank LaGrassa and student SRO John Hicks

SROs Frank LaGrassa and student SRO John Hicks

Several students at Walnut Grove Elementary School have new roles for the day as the school celebrates, ‘Kids Take Over The School Day.’ These students were excited to share the day with their adult counterparts and get a first hand view of their tasks.

Let’s introduce your to your new school education team for Friday, May 29, 2015:

Austin Etheridge as the Superintendant
Jackson Dockal as the Principal
Evan Watts as the Assistant Principal
Marcus Nguyen as a Science Teacher
John Hicks as the student School Resource Officer