Saturday, October 31, 2020

CMS 8th Grader Joins German National Baseball Team


CMS 8th grade student Paul Hellwege has been named to the German Youth National Baseball team. He will be moving to Germany in June.

Carroll Middle School 8th grader Paul Hellwege is headed for a memorable summer traveling and playing baseball.

Hellwege has been chosen to play for the German National Youth Baseball team. During the spring, he spent 15 days with the German players at the team’s spring camp in the Dominican Republic. Hellwege, whose mother is German, has dual citizenship and speaks German.

He will move to Germany in June and attend the Paderborn Baseball Akademie, which is one of three baseball academies in Germany. Hellwege, who plays third base and pitcher, will live in the baseball academy boarding school and attend a public German school.

Hellwege will travel and play with the German National Team during July and eventually play in the 15U European Championship in the Czech Republic from July 25-27.

The plan is for Hellwege to attend the German baseball academy for at least two years before returning to Texas for his final two years of high school.

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