Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Carroll ISD Receives Math Results

In April of this school year, your child was administered the State Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test. Because the state of Texas recently adopted new math TEKS, the state decided to delay setting passing standards until September 2015.

Students taking the STAAR math test in grade 3-8 of this school year, received a raw score instead of a percent score.  The raw score is the number of items answered correctly out of the total number of questions on the test. The raw score is the only math information available on the Confidential Student Report (CSR) and in Skyward this spring.  Skyward has an automatic default to show students as “Did not meet standard” until the standards are set by the state in September 2015. The chart below shows the total number of questions on each test.

Grade 3 46
Grade 4 48
Grade 5 50
Grade 6 52
Grade 7 54
Grade 8 56

Once the new passing standards are set for math, you will receive an updated report in September 2015.  This updated report will tell you whether your child passed the test.  It will also give you additional information about your child’s performance, including how your child did on each group of math skills.   This information can help you and your child’s teacher identify areas where your child is doing well and areas where he or she needs additional help or support to be successful in math next year.

While reading this report, please keep in mind that the 2015 STAAR math tests include some concepts and skills that were taught for the first time this year.  For this reason, students will not have to meet the final math passing standards this year.  These new standards will be introduced in stages over a number of years. That means that your child will need to get fewer questions correct to pass the math test this year than he or she will in the future.