Saturday, December 2, 2023

North White Chapel Could be Closed for Several Weeks

White chapel Flooded

N. White Chapel may be closed for several weeks

Right now the pictures tell the story, water from Lake Grapevine is flooding North White Chapel near Camp Burnett.

“Our best guess is that the water will make the road impassable for at least another two weeks, possibly longer,” said City Engineer Cheryl Taylor. “It depends on how quickly the water downstream from Southlake is safely released through the spillways.”

Taylor is referring to the release of water that is taking place on Lake Grapevine, Lake Lewisville and other area lakes. They all flow into the Trinity River.

“All that water can’t arrive at the same time,” said Taylor. “In order to keep the flooding in check, the Army Corp of Engineers must keep the water under control and release it slowly.”

But the water is only part of the problem. Once the water recedes, the Southlake Public Works department will have to check the road’s integrity and figure out if repairs must be made.”

“We won’t know much until the water is off the road,” Taylor said. “And if we get any more rain, that could delay the road’s opening well into the summer.