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Top Ten Things to Know About Your Southlake Fire Department


The citizens of the City of Southlake can be proud to know they live in a great City that looks to the future through strategic planning and adhering to the core values of: Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork, Accountability and Excellence. Each department strives to exceed citizen’s expectations and achieve the highest standards possible in everything they do.

The Southlake Fire Department has set high expectations in how it serves its customers each and every day. Part of our strategy as a transparent agency is to ensure that all citizens and visitors to the City of Southlake are not only confident in the level of safety within our City limits, but are assured that we are good stewards of the finances you provide and the responsibility that you have bestowed upon us. The men and women of the department work hard each day to reach the goals you have set forth through the Citizen’s Survey, council direction and everyday interaction with the public.

Top Ten Things To Know About Your Southlake Fire Department

Rating exceptional


1)    In 1999 the Southlake Fire Department became the first nationally accredited department in the State of Texas. It is currently one of only six accredited municipal Fire Departments in the State. This means your Fire Department provides you with the highest level of service possible.





INspection 2


2)    The Southlake Fire Department has worked to lower your insurance rates. The Insurance Service Organization (ISO) re-evaluated the City’s Personal Protection Classification (PPC) and was reclassified with score of 97.53, which is the highest grade ever given by ISO in the history of the program. This can lower insurance rates by as much as 13% for businesses and 11% for homeowners. Contact your insurance provider for further details.




storm ready


3)    The Southlake Fire Department also maintains the StormReady certification from the National Weather Service. This affirms that the City of Southlake is ready to support you and keep you informed during severe weather events through the City’s Office of Emergency Management.










4)    The Southlake Fire Department has three fire stations strategically located throughout the City in order to maintain the shortest response time possible in the event of an emergency.




Pub Ed


5)    Public Education and Community Outreach is a mainstay of the Southlake Fire Department. We conduct station tours and public education events over a variety of life-safety topics including: CPR, fire safety, personal preparedness, basic first aid and how to protect yourself against the West Nile Virus.








6)    The Office of Emergency (OEM) serves to keep the City at the Advanced Level of Preparedness, which is the highest level achievable in the State of Texas. As a resident or business owner in the City of Southlake, you can be assured that the City is best prepared to respond to and recover from any disaster situation that might impact you.






Renni child carseats




7)    The Southlake Fire Department has three Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians that have installed nearly 300 child safety seats every year. Proper child safety seat installation is critical because nationally, three out of four child safety seats are installed incorrectly.






Another function of the Fire Department is handling fire investigations and home and business inspections.

INspection 2


8)    There are over 1,500 businesses in the City of Southlake and each year they are all inspected to ensure compliance with fire and life safety regulations. This level of professionalism ensures your safety while enjoying the many amenities that Southlake has to offer.






9)    Southlake has a life-saving rate that is more than twice the national average. Residents have access to the highest level of pre-hospital care available in the State of Texas. This is achieved by staffing mobile intensive care units and fire engines that are equipped to provide advanced life support.



Silver Mission Award



10)    In, 2015 the Southlake Fire Department was awarded the Silver Mission Life Award from the American Heart Association for the level of treatment and the cooperation with local hospitals to ensure fast and effective treatment of heart attack and stroke patients.







We are here to assist you in any way that we can. If you have any questions, comments or would like to discuss any of the information presented here, please don’t hesitate to contact Fire Chief Michael Starr or Deputy Fire Chief Wade Carroll at (817) 748-8106. And as always, thank you for your continued support. The Southlake Fire Department is here to serve you.

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