Friday, October 30, 2020

CISD Capital Needs Planning Committee To Begin Work

Carroll ISD’s Capital Needs Planning Committee (CNPC) will hold its first meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13 in the Lonesome Dove meeting room of the CISD Administration Center, 2400 N. Carroll Avenue.

The committee has been charged to serve in an advisory capacity to the School Board and Administration on a temporary basis regarding the topic of short-term and long-term capital needs planning. School officials say the men and women on the CNPC will likely study capital needs and building use, safety and security, technology and instructional needs, extra-curricular facilities and maintenance and transportation needs.

“We are extremely appreciative of the individuals who will spend the next few months studying our district’s capital needs,” said Superintendent David J. Faltys. “The group will likely meet about every two weeks this fall and into early 2016 as they prepare a recommendation for our School Board. We have parents, business leaders and employees representing each and every CISD attendance zone, and I have full confidence that they will be providing us with a comprehensive overview of district capital needs.”

Dr. Faltys said the committee is comprised of about 40 citizens and employees representing each of the school attendance zones. The CNPC members were appointed by campus administrators, School Board members and the Superintendent. Meetings are not for the public, but are certainly open to the public for observation. The group hopes to make recommendations in the form of a written plan by April.

At some point the committee and/or the Carroll School Board will establish a process for local residents and/or school employees to give input on recommendations.

The group will spend the next several months working to:

  • Study existing demographic data and future projections for student enrollment;
  • Tour district facilities and assess capital improvement needs in consultation with CISD staff;
  • Identify any additional needs required of the district to effectively carry out its mission and/or the Strategic Plan.
  • Review Carroll ISD’s current and projected financial situation, considering all factors, including but certainly not limiting CISD to: a school bond election; attendance rezoning, new construction, building additions, temporary facilities and/or any other options for addressing safety or technology; and
  • Make a final recommendation for action as part of a Capital Needs Plan to the CISD School Board and Administration.

School officials say the Administration is already at work with the district demographer to study short and long-term options for managing student growth. A four-phase attendance rezoning process will happen this fall to coincide with the work of the CNPC.

Separate webpages will detail the work being done on attendance rezoning and the CNPC. Contact the Board & Community Relations Department with questions: